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Web Services - Hosting

Based in West London, England we have been trading since 1997 and are committed to helping our clients
succeed with all their hosting needs. By offering the highest levels of customer support at affordable prices,
VBI Web Hosting will allow your business to grow in today’s competitive environment. We understand that
our customers seek us out because the solutions we provide allow their businesses to focus on just that -

If you are looking for affordable hosting, you have come to the right place. Our Web Hosting Services are the
most affordable and feature rich. We offer great features such as Fantastico, MS FrontPage, CGI/Perl, MySQL,
PHP aswell as Microsoft Frontpage extentions. Whether you need personal web hosting, business hosting,
ecommerce hosting or a forum hosting, you will find what you need right here.

We pride ourselves on our personal touch. You will notice on our website that you are not able to buy online
like most other websites. When you choose a plan, we don’t  offer you an automated sign up, we ask that
you either e-mail or call us to set your account up. That’s right - we have REAL people dealing with you! The
same happens when you need support - we ask you to either email or call us. More evidence you are dealing
with real people that care about your hosting and your business needs.

VBI Web Hosting provides the best network in the industry with unrivalled connectivity and an array of Tier
One providers. We pride ourselves on our reliability and offer a 99.5% up time.

We also offer audio and streaming solutions utilising both Windows Media and Shoutcast servers. Prices are
available upon request.
-Web Services-
* All prices stated are per month on rolling monthly billing. One calender months notice required to cancel.
All of our accounts come with lots of fantastic features including:
• cPanel control panel
• Softaculous 300+ Scripts
• Shared SSL
• SEO & Marketing Tools
• WordPress Hosting
• Fast CGI
• PHP 5 with Zend Optimizer
• phpMyadmin
• Cron
• Image Magick
• Python
• GD 2
• Curl, DomXML, mod_rewrite
• Perl
• Ruby On Rails
• Lots of Email Features
• Lots of Control Panel Tools
• Lots of Website & Ftp Statistics
• Lots of eComerce tools
• 24/7 Support

(UK) 020 7993 8425
(USA) 215 315 3185