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Print Services - Public Relations

Public Relations is an often undervalued aspect
of a company’s marketing campaign. Yet the
reputation and profitability of a business can hinge
on its external image and the way it is perceived
publicly by consumers, potential customers and

We have years of marketing experience and
appreciate the importance of building and
maintaining positive relationships with the public.

By identifying our clients’ values and potential markets, we determine the different outlets through which their
audiences can be reached, such as local and national press, trade publications, radio and TV interviews, event
sponsorship and the utilisation of web-based PR campaigns.

We understand that a continuing presence in the media is just the first step in establishing and promoting a
favourable relationship with an organisation’s various publics.

A successful Public Relations campaign encompasses all company life, from answering the telephone to
dealing effectively with queries/complaints, and we give expert advice to ensure our clients’ public image is
maintained through all levels of market interface.

Services Include:
• Media training
• Full Public relations
• Media relations
• Press event creation and management
• Media monitoring
• Product launches
• Copywriting

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