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Audio Services - Our Team

Adam - Creative Director
"Since I left school I was fortunate enough to have worked for a number or different radio, TV stations and
record companies. It was great, getting to try my hand at different things, but I always had a passion for
imaging 'the sound' on stations and did this from an early stage at nearly every radio station I worked on. In
1999 I started focusing on commercial production and voiceover work and was able, very early on in my
career, to be used by radio and TV stations around the world! Then, in 2000 I met John! We hit it off, and
saw that we had a lot in common and realised that we worked well together and that when we worked, we
always focused on one thing - perfection for the final result! The rest is history!"

John - Production Director
"I met Adam some years ago when we worked on a radio station together in London. We built up a quick
rapport and discovered that we had one thing in common - a fascination for quality production. At the time I
was just making the transition from presenting to production and welcomed the chance to hone my skills as
an audio producer working on a few small projects together. Adam and I both went on to pursue careers in
different aspects of radio, and then some years later we bumped into each other. During this time I had been
a commercial producer for both the The Capital Radio Group and GWR (now GCap). I joined VBI Services in
late 2005 and since then have loved every minute of producing hot sounds for radio stations across the
world! Check out some of our recent work - I just know that you'll be impressed!"

Jack - Technical Director
"My career spans over 25 years in broadcast engineering in both radio and television. I spent many years
working for the BBC travelling all over the country. In my time I have helped develop many products now
commercially available. I have been with VBI Services for over two years now and am pleased to bring my
experience of studio installations and maintenance to the table! I have a good knowledge of all of the studio
products that we can offer you. If you don't know exactly what it is you need, give me a call, I'd be pleased to

-Audio Services-

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