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Audio Services - Consultancy

VBI Services is highly regarded as a leading strategist,
both inside and outside the radio industry. Our "skill set"
encompasses programming content, branding and
marketing, Internet strategies, and sales results. Clients
broadcasting programming as diverse as Country,
Hard Rock, Soft Rock, AC, CHR, Dance and Bhangra
have utilized VBI Services expertise.

VBI Services offers our clients the benefits of a full
service consultancy package which can include; market
monitors, strategic planning, research planning, product
and format design, talent development, weekly playlist
recommendations, music scheduling software assistance,
promotional planning, station imaging development, talent
recruitment, online marketing, access to sales increasing
products and tools, digital music and listener research
technology, brand development, voice coaching, staff
training and much more.

-Audio Services-

(UK) 020 7993 8425
(USA) 215 315 3185